I have over fifteen years of experience creating, directing and leading creative teams. These teams have worked in physical and digital playgrounds across entertainment, automotive, fashion, hospitality and technology in both corporate and agency settings. In my current role as Design Director at Ogilvy in Atlanta, I oversee the design of branding and advertising, strategy and thought leadership for our core clients. I have a passion for visual language with an overarching philosophy: to make beautifully simple work that cuts through the noise and helps brands tell their stories. I’m driven by the pursuit of delightful experiences and an unending curiosity for creativity. I enjoy remaining very hands on; skilled in managing creative teams and agencies, preferring to lead by example and instruction. Once you get to know me, I’m a lot of fun with an eye for detail and getting things done right.

When I’m not working or volunteering my time and energy with causes I’m passionate about I enjoy traveling, photography, pop culture, and baking. 

Check out my Instagram where you can catch a glimpse of my love for travel and my unique eye for the world I live in.